What is the perfect temperature for spending the day outdoors?

My friends in addition to myself like to go Outdoors. We naturally like to ride some bikes in addition to go to the beach. Everyone of us spend a great deal of time Outdoors. It doesn’t matter what temperatures are outside as long as they naturally feel good. Most of my friends in addition to myself love warm weather Outdoors. There’s no need for an air conditioner in addition to a heater. During the winter tide, my friends in addition to myself still use the gas furnace so our apartment stays warm. Many of my friends are in dire need for a properly vented heating unit. The air conditioning thermostat will not be set to any cold setting, and my system regularly has to run just for my friends to be comfortable. The people I was with an addition to myself have spent many days walking around in a heavy blanket or sweatshirt. It’s not the worst way to live at all, especially when you think that the people I was with in addition to myself have been accustomed to 85 degree weather. 68 degrees is for me seemingly the perfect temperature, though many of my friends in addition to family was disagree. They believe that 68° is far too cold for any time of the year. I think it seems the most perfect and moderate temperature, so that is the program temperature on my wireless thermostat and exactly how it will stay. There’s no need for my friends in addition to family members to argue with me, because I’m going to stay comfortable and run my air conditioner anyway I want.

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