Using cooling system repair to surprise girlfriend

I wanted to come up with an original idea of how to propose marriage to my girlfriend, Angela.

I am not great with surprises, and I am not a guy who plans things ahead of time.

I knew that if I asked Angela to go out to a fancy steakhouse or getaway on a romantic trip she would quickly realize I was going to propose. I figured I could use the air conditioner to mislead her! Angela is not knowleadgeable about cooling systems. I’m not convinced she even knows how to shut a breaker off. The plan was a little odd but easy to pull off. All I needed was the electric turned off to the cooling unit plus pretend I was attempting to repair it. When I got setup to do the job on the cooling unit, I asked Angela to hand me tools. Before I dud anything with the cooling equipment, I stashed the engagement ring inside a the box with the tools. When I asked for a screwdriver to open up the cooling system, Angela spotted it! She opened the toolbox and the ring was sitting right on top and sparkling! Angela was just thrilled, and I was happy when I got down on one knee and she said yes. I told that the air conditioner was not actually broken. I explained that I had used the breaker to stop the cooling system from starting up. She was ecstatic to be engaged and also thankful that the cooling unit was running just fine. I made sure to put the cooling cabinet back on properly. I see that an A/C repair isn’t all that romantic of a proposal, so I then took Angela to an fancy meal with champagne. I gave her another surprise by handing her plane tickets to a weekend getaway.

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