I need to be more careful using the cooling system to save money

I have recently become more concerned with the monthly expense of running the cooling system. I operate the air conditioner way too often. When I was growing up, we never had central air conditioning installed in our house. My whole family managed just fine without it. During hot and humid summer afternoons, my sisters and I would play outside and swim in the pond. We’d sit in the shade under the trees for lunch. At night, we had a bunch of electric box fans. When I first invested in a cooling unit into our home, I was realled excited to have it. I was so thrilled to be able to adjust the temperature with a central thermostat and loved having a cool living space. I prefer the feel of the cool air circulating and filtering the indoor air. The indoor area smells and feels so much nicer. I gradually started depending on the cooling unit more and more. I started it running earlier in the season and leave it running longer into the milder weather. I caught myself lowering the temperature by a few degrees throughout the summer. My energy costs have been increasing and draining my budget. I made a maintenance appointment with a certified HVAC professional to ensure peak efficiency. I’ve been careful about replacing the air filter. While these efforts make a difference, I need to be more conscientious with the temperature setting on the thermostat. I’m now thinking I should install a smart thermostat to help trim energy use without sacrificing comfort. Less demand on the A/C would not trim running costs, and also lessens the chance of repair as well.

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