I would like to get rid of our furnace

Furnaces depend on regular maintenance to operate properly. I think that the furnace is more effort than it’s worth. In my local area, the gas furnace is responsible for a big workload. When the outside temperature is down into the negative digits, heatin the home is a struggle. The furnace maintains a comfortable and even temperature and is fairly energy efficient. Unfortunately, the furnace sometimes stops running. It features modern safety precautions that stop the unit from overheating. If there’s even a little dust buildup inside the inner workings, the heating system quits. If the air filter is a bit dirty, the furnace won’t even start up. If there’s an issue with debris buildup in the ductwork, the heater refuses to cooperate. The equipment is quite energy efficient yet sensitive. I frequently get email notifications from the smart thermostat, alerting me to setup maintenance. Because of the non stop demands with the furnaces, I’ve made myself learn how to fix the most concerns myself. Hiring a licensed professional every time the heater requires a simple cleaning was high-priced. HVAC professionals require a diagnostic fee just to show up. Their hourly rate is expensive. The furnace is relatively new, but I would to get rid of it. I would love to install a boiler and avoid all this hassle. Boilers are recognized for being low in upkeep and durable. They use water to move heat instead of air, which avoids all issues with dust plus other allergens. There’s no duct system and they operate silently.


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