I should replace both the heating and cooling units

It is time to upgrade the heating and cooling system in our home.

The gas furnace is nearly twenty years old.

The A/C is several years older. The systems were both already installed when we moved into the home. The equipment had not been maintained properly. Although I’ve been very conscientious about professional upkeep and air filter replacement, the heating and cooling units are starting to wear out. They have continued running far longer than I ever expected and should have been upgraded years ago. The furnace tends to make a lot of noise when it starts up. It spreads dust into the home, overly dries out the indoor air and only manages a 90% AFUE rating when it was brand new. It is only a single stage unit, meaning that it runs at maximum speed at all times. Because of this, the furnace causes unpleasant temperature swings throughout the afternoon. The A/C smells musty and creates issues with air quality whenever it runs. It is genuinely a threat to my family’s health. The air conditioner no longer supplies adequate cool air to handle hot and humid afternoons. Despite blasting just about non stop, the home sometimes feels hot and sticky. My electric bills are always way too high. I’ve been researching the various models of modern gas furnaces and whole-house air conditioners on the market. The efficiency ratings are super impressive. I would certainly save money on energy expenses. However, these technologically advanced heating and cooling units are very high-priced. Replacing both theheating and cooling systems is going to cost me a ton of money. I should also invest in a complete duct sealing process before installing an up-to-date heating and cooling system.


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