My son is planning to become a licensed HVAC contractor

He could travel across the country and earn a good wage

My son Bob will graduate from high school in a couple of months. My husband and I have worried over his lack of plans. He’s struggled to decide what he would like to do. We were expecting him to attend a four-year college and get some type of degree. I believe that Bob has the intelligence to get accepted to law school. It’s a wide open field with lots of opportunity. My husband tried to talk our son into business college. Unfortunately, Bob was not interested in going to college. We just didn’t want him to enter the workforce without a degree and be limited to minimum wage jobs. It was a relier when Bob finally told us he was planning to pursue a career in the HVAC field. Throughout his senior year, he’s been taking a course through a local trade school. He’s already got a head start on his training to become a licensed HVAC professional. When he graduates in June, he will transfer into the HVAC training program, and jump ahead of other students who didn’t take the startup course. Bob feels that the Heating and Cooling industry is rapidly growing. Home and business owners are always going to require temperature control. Our son will have a wide range of options of where to work. He could travel across the country and earn a good wage. He could start up his own company. My husband and I are relieved that our child has chosen a trade that will support him and his future family. We are encouraging him to learn everything possible and gain experience as an apprentice.
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