Making the decision to become an HVAC tech

I am at the end of my our senior year of high school.

Although I will graduate in June, I just recently figured out what I want to do after graduation.

College didn’t appeal to me. However, without a degree I would be forced to settle for a minimum wage job. I have always been good working with hands and fixing things. For a little while, I considered pursuing a trade as an auto mechanic. Then I took a Heating and Air Conditioning course through a program that partners a trade school with our high school. I signed up because it fit into my daily course load. I knew the Heating and Air Conditioning electrive would fulfill one of my requirements for graduation. I then learned that if I enrolled in the follow up program with the trade college afterward, I would already have credits I could apply towards certification. The more I thought about becoming a licensed HVAC contractor, the more I liked the plan. As an HVAC tech, I would never be searching for a job. People constantly need someone to install, upgrade, service or repair their heating and cooling systems. I can choose to live and work anywhere across the country. I might want to start my own HVAC service company. Once I graduate high school, I will switch to classes at the trade school. This includes working alongside a certified HVAC tech as an apprentice. I’ll get practical experience while getting paid for the work. The certification classes are not all that expensive, so I won’t be stuck with huge student loans. I can enter the workforce much sooner than if I went to college for a degree.
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