I resisted installing central cooling because of running costs

For a long time, I was against the idea of adding a central cooling system into our home.

In my local area, the summer time season doesn’t lasts more than a couple of months.

The winters are long, brutal and the priority. We deal with six months of below freezing temperatures. I spend a lot of money on heating bills. I wasn’t overly thrilled with spending even more for air conditioning. However, the summer weather is often very hot and excessively humid. Our home becomes awful warm, sticky and uncomfortable. Having a relaxing weekend is impossible. Sleeping peacefully at night is a struggle. I have concerns over the air quality in the home and potential damage to wood furnishings because of moisture, mildew and mold. I looked into different cooling options and was impressed by the SEER ratings. Incorporating adaptable speed compressors has achieved exceptional efficiency levels. The system caters speed automatically to match the demands of the indoor environment. Rather than pumping out cold air at full blast, the cooling system can run anywhere between 40 plus 100% capacity. It supplies only the necessary amount of cooling. This trims running costs. Longer cycles at lower speeds improves dehumidification. It keeps sound levels much lower. When I eventually had central cooling installed into our home, I was shocked by the comfort. My home is nice and cool, no matter the outside weather. The rooms feels healthier, cleaner and even smell fresher. I don’t worry about the spread of bacteria because of the hot, moist conditions. Even when the weather cools off, I still rely on the air conditioner. I run just the fan.

a/c workman