Air quality concerns are fixed with duct cleaning

When I first noticed problems with indoor air quality in my home, I blamed the air conditioner.

The cool air supplied from the vents caused a fishy smell.

The vents were spewing contaminants into the home. It was necessary to vacuum, dust and scrub surfaces far more frequently. My husband and kids started struggling to sleep soundly at night. We were all suffering more headaches. I realized that when the cooling system cycled on, we’d start sneezing.. I hired an HVAC tech to fix the air conditioner. He pinpointed the issue. It was a dirty duct system. I had never even considered the duct system as a problem. I never had it professionally inspected. Over the years, debris had gathered within the pipes. The HVAC tech tested the ducts and revealed a significant amount of dust, pollen, bugs, construction debris and even decomposing pests. Whenever the air conditioner started up, the air would travel through the network of pipes and spread dust, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other allergens to every room. The blockage in the ducts was limiting airflow and requiring the A/C to strain to manage comfort. The HVAC tech handled the duct cleaning process with big device that resembled a vacuum cleaner. It included a brush at then to dislodge stubborn debris that was then be sucked up by the hose. The duct cleaning was completed quickly. There was no mess or damage. The service wasn’t cheap but it has made a big improvement in our energy bills. The energy savings should cover the investment.

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