People often complain about the high cost of HVAC products and services

I jam a NATE-certified HVAC professional.

I deal with all sorts of people and challenges.

I am qualified in both residential and commercial HVAC products and services. I am licensed to upgrade equipment, handle new construction projects, complete maintenance, repair all models and take care of ductwork. Our company includes 24/7 emergency services in the local area. I am often on-call day and night. When the outside temperature drops into the negative digits, and the heating unit malfunctions, home and business owners are in a big rush to get it working again. Unfortunately, I face a lot of complaints over the high cost of service. I explain that I don’t determine the prices for equipment or service. The manufacturers decide the cost for new heating and cooling systems. The equipment has become more technologically complex and is therefore more expensive to purchase, install and service. Because of providing higher efficiency levels, lower running costs and greater longevity, they pay for the initial investment. The cost of labor has gone up over the years. So has everything else. My hourly wage has increased with my cost of living. The company owner is responsible for health insurance, liability and specialized tools. He owns and maintains a fleet of service vehicles. Because the heating and cooling equipment is more sophisticated, so are our tools of the trade. As a professional, I need to keep up with evolving technology. I take training courses that cost money. While I sympathize with the high cost of temperature control, people fail to realize that I’m not getting rich at their expense.
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