Breaking the A/C myth and debunking those clues

There are many myths more than a few years old that say it’s possible to save lots of energy just by leaving the air conditioner running.

This is a lead that some have heard from others and now I feel as a heating + air conditioning professional that it’s time to split the myth.

Some folks will have probably figured this out already, but it’s absolutely useless to run the air conditioner all day long if you are trying to save some money. Many of the electric bills will already show this as the norm just like they did for all of us. My friends plus myself believe that mess plus let our air conditioner run all day plus all night in our apartment. That led us to a monthly electric allowance close to $500 plus neither one of us could afford those bills. This extreme reality was that my friends plus myself had to figure out a way to save money on our air conditioner bill or rent another room to another person. All of my friends plus myself certainly decided more than one way was just shutting down the air conditioner. After reading about smart technology, the people I was with plus myself decided to go to the hardware store + certainly look for a programmable thermostat. Now that the both of us know exactly what’s going on, we can start to treat those issues better. We won’t have to worry so much about more than one temperature problem, when we can program different zones throughout our home.


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