I need my air conditioning

I am so blessed that it is finally fall, i have never been so excited for a current season to kick off in my life, but fall has always been my number one season, but this year is even more attractive than usual, and you see, the people I was with and I had record temperatures this past summer, and it was so miserable all the time. I would not go back to this past summer time even if someone offered me a thousand dollars to go back. The worst area about his past summer time was that I did not have a/c in my entire house. That was my first and last summer with a/c that is for sure. I could hardly sleep at night because I was so hot and humid, and I would walk around my beach house in the mornings just dripping down sweat. It was no fun to say the least. I truly cannot even count how many ice cold showers I took this past summer time to try and cool myself down. I used to sort of like the summertime, but I have found that I only savor it if I have a/c. I did not savor any area of this past summer. I am so thankful that I have good pals of mine who let me stay the night at their houses numerous times this past summer time due to the fact that it was just way too sizzling in my beach house to sleep. I looked at the thermostat one night before going to bed, and it said that it was over ninety degrees in my house. I have to get my A/C fixed before next summer, or I will be moving to a totally different site.


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