We got upgraded because our AC unit wasn’t working

There are specific moments in life when fate is gracious to you. Maybe you have heard of stories where someone was flying economy, however they were allowed to transfer up to first class for no reason. Things like this make you covet and dream about it happening to you. My fateful moment came we were on our honeymoon. My wife and I had just been married, and we drove five hours to be at a luxury hotel in a sizable neighborhood where we wanted to relax and explore. When we checked into a hotel room, we noticed that the room was extremely warm. We got married during the summer, and the temperature outside were still very warm. My wife tried to use the remote to turn our cooling system on, however nothing happened. We tried everything we could think of to get our cooling system on, however nothing happened. Now, our room wasn’t super pricey, however my new wife and I expected a working cooling system. We went to the receptionist and told him that our cooling system wasn’t working properly, and he provided us with a refund. We didn’t want a refund though. We drove five hours to be at this hotel, and we really wanted to stay here for a reason. We talked to his manager about the broken cooling system and our room, and he provided us with an upgraded room. We walked to our room, opened our door, and turned on the lights. Not only was our cooling system working, however, my wife and I had a central cooling system all to ourselves. Our new suite had multiple rooms, an indoor pool, a game room, more than one washrooms, and several other luxuries. We got it for free too, because of a broken cooling system.
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