Our AC wasn’t working in our hotel room

There are certain moments in life when fate takes over and is gracious with you.

You might’ve heard of stories where somebody was flying economy, but they were transferred up to first class for no reason at all. Things like this make you dream and covet about things like this happening to you. For me, this day was on my honeymoon. My husband and I had just wed, and the two of us flew 3 hours to stay at a nice hotel in a big town where the two of us were going to explore. As we checked into our hotel room, the two of us noticed that the room was severely hot! It was still summer season, and the uneven temperatures outside were still very warm and humid. My husband tried to use the small remote to turn the air conditioning on, but nothing turned on. We tried everything that the two of us could think of to turn on the air conditioning, but nothing happened. Our hotel room wasn’t really overpriced, but the two of us expected a functioning air conditioner after all. I went to the receptionist and told him that our air conditioning wasn’t working, and he provided us with a refund. However, we didn’t want a refund. We’d just flew three hours to stay at this hotel, and the two of us wanted to remain here. He spoke to his supervisor about the air conditioning and our room, and he provided us with an upgraded room with a functioning air conditioner. When my husband and I walked to our room, opened our door, and turned on the lights, not only was the air conditioning running, but the two of us had a central air conditioner all to ourselves. Our suite had numerous rooms, a private pool, pool table, one and a half bathrooms, and several luxuries. We got it for free too, all because of a broken air conditioner.


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