The guy doing his own HVAC repairs

The difference between renters and homeowners is always shocking to me.

I live right door to a rental house and I get to see the ever rotating schedule of renters.

The newest renter is a middle aged guy that is terrible with upkeep on the property. He lets the lawn get super high and leaves trash in his yard. I have a sprinkler system setup to ensure my grass stays green. The guy has also let his gardens fill with weeds and the backyard has nothing but junk in it. I also handle all the upkeep inside my house myself too. When my HVAC system was not running correctly, I took a look at it and deduced I was not the man for the job. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin my heating and cooling machine. So I called a professional HVAC supplier and got an HVAC specialist in right away. The guy stayed for hours cleaning the inside of my system. I had any worn part replaced and the rest was oiled and tightened. Recently the guy next door had an HVAC issue. I could tell early on that it was a real problem. The outdoor unit with his HVAC was making very loud noises and shaking slightly during operation. The guy himself took the machine apart with his own toolset. He spent most of the day googling and going to the hardware store deducing the repair. Maybe he is more handy than me, but I don’t think so. I think the guy was saving money and just figuring if the HVAC eventually breaks, it won’t be his problem in the future.