Love my heat pump system most of the time

I own a heat pump system and 90% of the time it is an amazing machine to have.

The heat pump doesn’t create heat energy, it simply takes it in the air quality. For heating, the heat energy outdoors is pumped inside. The air is cleaner, fresher and cheaper to use. For cooling, the heat energy indoors is pumped outside. The heat pump’s initial cost and installation fees were quite high, but due to how the device operates, it paid for itself in under six months. The air quality is better and my bills have never been so low. What is also great is that the heat pump is ductless. I have indoor air handlers in every room with a thermostat in order to be HVAC zone control capable. Unused rooms don’t get HVAC anymore. I also can have more cooling in the kitchen when I cook and more heating in the bedroom when I sleep. The extra bump on the thermostat hardly costs a thing since it is just the one room. The 10% portion of the heat pump I don’t enjoy is that it is not effective when heat energy is scarce. If my temperatures drop beleow 40 degrees, the heat pump is essentially worthless at heating. If there is no heat energy outside, there is nothing to pump in, so I don’t have any indoor heating. It only happens a few times a year during the winter. Those days when my heating is not effective really stink. I have to get out my space heaters to work with the heat pump.

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