Florida businesses are not taxed

Since I have moved to Florida, I have realized there are many amazing reasons to visit and live in Florida.

I have discovered hundreds of miles of beaches and hundreds of natural Springs. I found out that there are more natural Springs in Florida than there are anywhere else in the world. Florida has several odd ecosystems throughout its areas. The ecosystems range from dry, sandy beaches to humid cypress swamps. There are several great tourist destinations that include Tampa Bay, Orlando (the home of Disney World, and Daytona Beach. There are a lot of other reasons to visit Florida, but I also discovered a couple of good reasons to move to Florida. I found out that Florida does not charge their businesses taxes. That is the reason my wife and I made the move to Florida. We were steadily losing money when we lived up north. We were giving half of our profits back to the state in the form of taxes. Since moving to Florida, we have found that every quarter, we are making more money. We are able to afford to have our own store front and we still make money. We believe we should be able to retire in another ten or fifteen years. We want to buy a boat so that after retirement, we can sail around the world. For now, we will use the boat for sailing, fishing and even doing some snorkelling. It may take us a while before we are able to fulfill our retirement dream, but in the meantime, we are steadily moving forward.


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