Things to do in Tampa area

One other Spring that we go to quite often is the Rainbow Springs State Park.

You can always tourists in the Tampa Bay area. I want to tell them all that before they leave Florida, they need to visit the Florida Springs. ABout ten years ago, my wife and I made the move to Tampa BAy. Since then, we have visited almost one hundred Natural Springs located throughout the state of Florida. We love going to the Springs and discovering their natural beauty. One of my personal favorite springs is Three Sisters Springs and it is only forty-five minutes from downtown Tampa Bay. Three Sisters Springs has a natural temperature of about seventy-five degrees, all year round. During the winter, the tropical waters start to cool and the native manatees need to find warmer water. The end up moving inland and living in the warmer water of springs. Although the manatees are in many of the Springs, we like the Three Sisters Springs the best. My wife loves the manatees and she always wants to be there. Another really nice Spring is the Weeki Wachee Springs which is in Seminole County. Weeki Wachee Springs is the home of the mermaid theater. The mermaid theater offers liver performers in underwater shows that are based on the Little Mermaid. One other Spring that we go to quite often is the Rainbow Springs State Park. This spring is less than an hour from Tampa Bay. It is a wonderful Spring to visit if you like underwater snorkelling. My wife has spotted perch, alligator gar and even rainbow trout. Along with the Springs, there are many other reasons that make Tampa Bay a popular tourist spot