A rattlesnake bite could kill

I was born and raised in Florida. My friends and I have been friends since elementary school. We aren’t strangers to animals in the wild. We do a lot of hiking and mountain biking in the areas. We live in Bradenton, Florida and if we aren’t out in the parks, you can find us biking around the streets of the city. There are very few forests and mountains in Florida, but there are a lot of unique places to explore. We even like to go to the beach because it is never the same. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the park to do some hiking. We had our cameras out and ready to take pictures of anything we found interesting. I thought we had seen everything. We have pictures of snakes, lizards, birds and even an occasional alligators. We have always been told that Florida is full of rattlesnakes, but none of us have ever seen one. Last month, was the last time we could say that. We were hiking along the path when I stopped to take a picture of a bird. I stepped back and I happened to step on a branch that made a loud crack. I thought I heard something else and I turned quickly. There was a huge rattlesnake and it was all ready to strike. I stepped back just in time to keep him from latching onto my leg. I’m not sure my friend would have gotten me out of there if the rattlesnake had actually bitten me, but they weren’t going to even believe me there was a rattlesnake. Even though I had my camera there, I never thought to take a picture.

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