Saving up for the new air conditioning service

My wifey and I found out that the two of us needed a new A/C on Wednesday. Both of us called for an Heating and Air Conditioning appointment, when the two of us came beach cabin from toil and discovered the indoor temperature to be 87, unfortunately, it’s going to cost about 4 thoUSAnd dollars to make the replaces and replacement. Both of us don’t have that kind of money standing in our savings account, so the two of us have to wait to make the repairs, then meanwhile, it’s angry at home… Thankfully the two of us don’t toil from home, then neither a single of us would get much toil completed if the two of us had to endure these sizzling and humid hot and cold temperatures all day, it’s about 85 degrees outside, and the daytime temperature in our beach cabin is close to that. It’s way too sizzling to go separate from an AC, however the two of us are trying. Both of us obtained a large industrial fan for the living room and it helps move the stale air. Unfortunately, with no way to cool that air, it’s not entirely helping a whole lot. My wifey and I are thinking about buying a window A/C for the living room, so the two of us can sleep at night. It’s almost unbearable at night, because of the humidity, when the sunshine goes down, the temperature hardly changes much at all. I think that our wifey and I are going to need to make a decision soon, because I cannot continue with these bad conditions in our home. I’m not sleeping more than more than one or 3 hours at night and it is starting to affect our toil performance. My boss already noted our sluggish movement and lack of interest in work.