How I was envious of the people in the stands

I am a student in chorus class.

This basically means I get the opportunity after a lot of practice to sing in front of the entire school.

It’s pretty nerve wracking, but once you get pretty confident in your singing abilities, the nervousness goes away, unless of course something else gets in the way. I pretty much always rejoice at the idea of singing in front and representing my school, so it was no different when I was chosen to sing again one hot summer day. It was early morning, and I was supposed to first sing the national anthem before the school football game starts. But as I sat there waiting, I realized how hot it was. My skin was sweating and my clothes were beginning to stick to me. Oh boy, it going to be rough singing with this heat. I sat in the doorway of one of the air conditioned rooms until I had no choice but to leave. When It was my turn, I started singing in the middle of the field. I swear the sun was pointed right at me the entire time, blinding me and killing me with the heat at the same time. It was awful. Once I was finally done with my sad excuse of singing, I quickly scurried back to where the air conditioner was. Oh how I envied the people in the stands, sitting right next to a/c machines, laughing and have cool drinks. I didn’t get any of that. I very much dreaded going to sing in the next field again, which would happen right after the football game. I grabbed a nearby water bottle and poured it over myself, and the cooling relief felt amazing.


a/c rep