HVAC work is just a side-hustle now

Maybe you have seen an advertisement online for someone who is promoting their HVAC work.

I know that a lot of you would be skeptical about hiring an HVAC technician that isn’t part of an HVAC company, but I promise you that not all of us are that bad.

This is part of how I make my living. I used to work for an HVAC company. In fact, I was an HVAC technician for 10 years before I finally decided to quit my job with the HVAC company and pursue another adventure. I have been working on my own business, but since it isn’t cheap to start my own business, I have been doing HVAC work to make a little extra money. A lot of HVAC companies expect their HVAC technicians to work full-time, but I don’t have enough hours in the week to do that. Instead, I have made HVAC work my side hustle. I am a certified HVAC technician, and I am constantly trying to find people who are willing to let me do HVAC work for them. I am even insured! I do a lot of HVAC repairs for people whose HVAC units stop working, and I do a lot of maintenance jobs. I hope to quit HVAC work at some point, but for now, this is my future. The benefit of hiring someone like me is that I am able to charge cheaper prices than an HVAC technician through an HVAC company. I don’t have to worry about paying other employees or covering business expenses. You will pay for the parts for the HVAC unit and labor. That is all! If you need HVAC work done, consider hiring me or someone like me!



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