HVAC growing up

When I was growing up my parents didn’t have any money.

My dad worked out on a farm and my mom stayed home to take care of my four brothers and I because we were a handful to say the least.

I wish we would have been easier on my mom growing up, but we were just young and rowdy boys that were always getting into trouble. Since my dad wasn’t bringing in very much money working on the farm, we really had to cut corners where we could. My mom tried her best to feed us all on a tiny budget, but feeding five boys is no easy task. She would also make us share clothes because we were all so close in size. Another way they would cut corners to save money was to not have an HVAC system. In fact, most families in our area didn’t have HVAC systems either. It was a pretty common thing for our area because everyone was pretty poor. In the winter when it was really cold outside we would make a fire to warm up the house. The fire would really only warm up the family room and it was hard to fall asleep in our bedroom without any heat to keep us warm. It was just as bad in the summer when the heat would keep us up at night because we would be covered in sweat and soaking wet through our clothes. It was tough not having an HVAC system in the summer and winter.

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