Might transfer to a different school if things don’t change with the temperature control settings

I’ll admit, we don’t have the worst school around.

The teachers are mostly great and seem to care about the quality education of the students.

The thing is, the principal is lacking and that is a bit of a problem. Whenever I have asked teachers about adjusting the temperature control settings, they have said that they were not allowed because the principal insists on certain temperature control settings that were not very comfortable. In the cold season we had to deal with a thermostat setting of 66 degrees which made it entirely too cold in the school. We would have to wear sweaters and jackets just to remain warm, even the teachers had to wear warmer clothes! When it was hot outside, the temperature control settings were at 76. I find it so ridiculous that the principal won’t give everybody a break and let everybody be comfortable for a change. It’s all because this guy believes he has to save as much money as possible on the energy bills. Even that jerk wears clothing that helps him remain comfortable. This is not how a learning environment is supposed to be, everybody should be comfortable! How are you going to learn anything of value if you are constantly freezing or feeling too overheated? A bunch of the parents and students are planning on coming together to protest against what the principal is doing. We are no longer willing to deal with the ridiculous temperature control settings any longer! I hope our efforts actually work because if they don’t, I might have to transfer to a different school.

New heating units