That’s the last time I’ll try pulling a prank with somebody’s HVAC unit

I’ve always been a big jokester, but I guess I crossed the line with a good friend of mine.

I actually thought it would be funny to switch out his air filter for a clogged one so he would panic about calling up the HVAC company.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything if it was in there for less than a day like that. Well, when I snuck in the clogged up air filter, he was disappointed when the HVAC system kept struggling and it kept turning off. He said that was odd and didn’t understand what was going on with his HVAC system. It’s crazy because instead of going straight to the phone to call the HVAC company like I thought he would, he actually went straight to the HVAC unit. He quickly discovered the dirty air filter and thought it was odd because he just changed the air filter about a week ago. That’s when I laughed nervously and told him that I was just pulling a prank on him. He gave me a dirty look and asked me if I really changed the air filter in his HVAC. When I said I did, he got really mad because he said I could have caused damage to the HVAC by letting it run with a clogged air filter. He was going over the facts how clogged up air filters can wreak havoc on an HVAC system because HVAC systems need excellent air flow in order not to experience serious issues. He said I could have caused it to overheat and could have caused internal damage to my HVAC. I thought this would all be funny and we would laugh about it, but he was dead serious and very angry.

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