My parents need to update some house items

I’ve been pushing my mom and dad to update the furnace and air conditioner in their apartment.

They purchased this apartment for 3 or 4 months ago at an auction for an estate.

The two of us felt that it was a good deal, even though the place needs a great deal of remodeling. The people I was with in addition to myself felt that the very first thing they could do was replaced the old heating equipment. My parents are undoubtedly not very wise with money and particularly didn’t save any of the money to replace this problem right away. Seems they blew most of that money on something unimportant like upgrades to the car. The furnace has not worked properly in the past two years. Of course temperatures are starting to get colder every year and now the averages are close to 50 instead of 60. If it continues to get colder and colder, my parents will need to update some house items like the furnace. Right now they spent a heap of money to run two space heaters that are dangerous. One time they almost caught a small fire to the living room rug when a couple of Sparks came out from the vents. My parents seem to be perfectly fine to reside with just this space heater though the two of us don’t really understand why. The apartment is usually most cold during mornings, and my friends and I rarely visit during times when we feel that the cold air would be bothersome to our comfort.

Geo heat pump