Neglecting air conditioner service leads to expensive repair

My home is as hot as an oven.

The outside temperature recently climbed in the upper nineties and has remained there.

I have all the windows open, trying to catch a breeze and cool down the house. This past Spring, I overlooked the odd sounds that the air conditioner was making whenever it cycled on. The cooling unit sounded like it was screaming. I was super busy and low on funds, so I just ignored the indications of major issues with the air conditioner. Despite an excessive level of dust blowing around and a strong fishy odor, I never scheduled a time for maintenance. I was aware that the repair bill would be quite high. I was also hesitant to take a day away from work to babysit the HVAC technician. I was betting on the air conditioner making it through the summer without quitting. I made a vow that I would have all of the concerns with it repaired in the fall. I was not surprised, however, when the air conditioner completely quit in late June. I changed the batteries in the thermostat and replaced the air filter. I couldn’t get the air conditioner to start up again. With such high outdoor temperatures, my home swiftly became overheated and sticky. Electric fans weren’t sufficient and I had real difficulty sleeping at night. I finally called and set up a repair with a local HVAC contractor. The technician took the cooling unit apart and discovered a major accumulation of dust and other debris. There was a lot of mold growth on the cooling coil. The tech told me that neglecting regular, professional upkeep had caused the air conditioner failure. Because I ignored all of the warnings, the damage was severe. The repair required the installation of several replacement parts. These parts needed to be ordered. I have been left without a working air conditioner for the last two weeks and I have no clue how I will pay for the repairs.

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