I am convinced heat pumps are the best form of temperature control

A heat pump is very safe to operate as well as clean plus quiet

I believe that one of the most beneficial inventions is the electric heat pump. I was not aware of this style of temperature control equipment until I moved south. Heat pumps are very popular in locales where the Winter weather is typically mild. The unit provides both heating and cooling capacity, conserving space and reducing maintenance needs. It operates on electricity and actually moves heat energy between the indoors and the outdoors. Even during cold weather seasons, there is still ambient heat found in the outdoor air. The heat pump takes advantage of this heat and compresses it to a higher temperature before pumping it inside. During the warmer weather, the process reverses and the heat pump works very much like a conventional cooling system. One of the best things about a heat pump is that it eliminates the burning of fossil fuels to generate heat. There is no combustion process, so there aren’t any greenhouse gases produced. This avoids the fear of carbon monoxide or fumes, and the heat pump is wonderfully environmentally friendly. Plus, this type of HVAC system doesn’t overly dry out the air when heating home, avoiding the need to install a humidifier. It is especially good at handling extra humidity in the Summer and features advanced filters to eliminate air contaminants. A heat pump is very safe to operate as well as clean plus quiet. Modern models feature variable speed technology, which automatically alters speed to match the demands of the home. The heat pump typically runs for longer cycles at lower capacity to optimize efficiency and keep very even temperature. While heat pumps are more costly to purchase and install than many other types of temperature control, they recover the investment through energy savings.

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