Sealing of ductwork fixes problems with furnace

When I began having some problems with the performance of the furnace, I didn’t realize that the ductwork was the cause.

I began noticing that the heating unit was cycling more often and for longer duration than normal.

The frequent operation was consuming up a lot more energy which led to higher utility bills. Plus, the home didn’t feel as comfortable. Specific rooms were were freezing cold during especially severe weather. Raising the thermostat setting didn’t make much improvement. There was also a lot more dust floating around and musty odors coming from the heating vents. I arranged a time for repair with a local HVAC contractor who listened to my complaints and immediately tested the ductwork. Inspecting the duct system revealed a lot of minor holes and gaps at the seams. These leaks were allowing approximately 25% of the heated air to escape. Outdoor air was coming into the system, and was spreading all sorts of toxins into our breathing air. The HVAC technician advised duct sealing. I figured that this service would be really disruptive, messy and labor-intensive. However, the contractor utilized a fairly recent and advanced technology known as Aeroseal. It targets flaws in the ducts from the inside. The technician sealed off the vents and then pumped highly pressurized air into the ducts. The air is laced with adhesive polymer particles. When the air leaks out through the many holes, the sticky particles built up at the edges and create a tight seal. The material is water-soluble, non-toxic and causes no lingering residue or smell. The duct sealing process was completed in a couple of hours and it is covered by warranty for ten years.

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