My work productivity has increased since my boss replaced the air conditioner

My work environment for the past year has been hectic and stressful.

  • I work in a medium sized office and instead of cubicles, we have an open office layout inside.

It basically means that we all have open desks with absolutely no privacy. At some point our management was convinced that it would improve productivity, but the opposite has turned out to be the case. I think in some sense they expect employees to work more diligently if they’re at risk of being watched or observed at any minute and can’t use the walls of their cubicle to hide the web browsing on their computer screen. They insist that it improves employee communication, but we are working jobs where we are all on the phones from the beginning of our shifts until the end. Combined with the open office layout and that means we are all talking on top of one another in an effort to hear ourselves and our clients during phone calls. In the process, the volume in the room gets ridiculous. That is coupled with the terrible air conditioner that made everyone uncomfortably hot and sweaty during our shifts. Thankfully our boss finally broke down and decided it was time to purchase a new central air conditioner for the office. I think that his own personal office was beginning to grow as equally uncomfortable as our portion of the building. The upgrade was inevitable after the old system took a turn for the worse last month among record highs for the year. This new air conditioner could not have come at a better time, and despite the constant noise, at least I’m no longer sweating bullets at work every single day. That is somewhat of a real improvement.

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