We’re updating our furnace at work to improve productivity

My work environment for the past few months has been hectic and stressful. I work in a giant office and instead of cubicles, the employees have an open office layout within. Basically, it means that we have open desks without any privacy. At some point, management was convinced that it would increase productivity, but in reality, the opposite has happened. I suppose they were expecting employees to work more diligently if they were at risk of being seen at any hour and couldn’t use the walls of their cubicle to conceal their web browsing. They insisted that it would improve employee communication too. However, when everyone is answering telephones all day everyday, it’s hard to stay productive. The open office layout means that everyone is talking on top of one another in an attempt to hear themselves and their buyers during telephone calls. In the process, the volume of the room gets ridiculously high. That is combined with the terrible furnace system that makes everyone uncomfortable cold during our shifts. Thankfully management finally broke down plus decided it was time to purchase an up-to-date furnace system for the office. I suppose that their own personal offices were beginning to grow as equally uncomfortable as our portion of the office. The replacement was inevitable after the old furnace took a turn for the worse month among record lows for the year. This up-to-date furnace system could not have come at a better time. Despite the noises, at least we’re no longer shivering at work each day. That is somewhat of a real improvement.


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