I fixed my own furnace

I’m not an HVAC technician, but I have been known to work on my own furnace or air conditioning. The prices they charge nowadays have risen so high that I can’t afford to hire an HVAC technician. We spent a ton of money getting our furnace repaired, because of an HVAC technician. He told us that if we had all of these parts installed, our furnace would work like new, but he was wrong. All he did was take our money, and we still didn’t have good heating. I swore that I would never have another HvAC technician in my house again. When I found out that all that was wrong with my furnace was a broken thermostat wire and a pump, I decided to do the work on my own. They told me that the thermostat wire and pump were going to cost me nearly $400. I was able to find the same parts in a home center, for less than $80. That is quite a savings. I looked it up to see how to check the pump and it looked pretty straightforward to replace. In less than two hours, I had the pump replaced and the thermostat wire was fixed. I held my breath as I started up the furnace. I jumped with joy when it started right up. I was so proud of myself for fixing the furnace. I saved a boat load of money and I was able to do the HVAC repair on my own. I was so proud of myself that I called the HVAC company and told them what I had done and gave them raspberries.

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