I should have had a rowboat

For over a year, my wife and I had been discussing having the basement finished.

  • We even went so far as to have a contractor come out and give us an estimate for the work.

He checked the boiler we had and he told us that it would probably need to be replaced. We knew the furnace was really old so we agreed. He said that once the boiler was replaced, he could start the work. I didn’t give any thought to my kids playing down there as long as I was there, but I should have. While playing, our four year old had touched the faucet that goes to the water tank. You see there are a lot of water pipes in our basement because of the boiler. The boiler is used to heat the water that goes through the pipes to supply heat to the house. When she touched the faucet, it began to drizzle from the faucet, but no one noticed. The water wasn’t coming out enough to stop the boiler from heating the water and sending heating throughout the house. When I had to go downstairs to get some tools, I was greeted with a loud splash of water and wet shoes. I wasn’t a happy camper at that moment. I was glad that I hadn’t had the basement finished, but I swore I would never let the kids in the basement again. I now need to get a new heating system and probably an air conditioner since it is also in the basement. I found a toy rowboat on a shelf and set it adrift in the flood.

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