Race was the factor

I have always been proud to be American Indian.

Our hair is darker and our skin is darker, but we are all alike.

I knew that I was different as a kid, but since I had grown up, I thought things had changed. I worked in corporate America and I made good money. When I had to have a new furnace installed in my house, that was not the case. I was living in an old house that I had bought to fix up. I had the money, but I wanted to take my time and fix it myself. My furnace broke and I wanted to find the perfect HVAC company to do the work. I called three companies and asked them to come and give me a quote for a new HVAC system. I never thought about the way the house looked but the one HVAC contractor did. He sneered when he looked at the house and told me that he would be a fool to do any work for me because he would never get paid. The second contractor basically told me the same thing, but she made it clear that she thought ‘my kind of people’ were lazy and she would be a fool to install a new furnace in this place. The third HVAC contractor gave me the quote and told me that when I was ready for the work to be done, I should let him know and he would send a team of HVAC technicians over to do the work. I really liked him, but he was also the only person of color. I knew I was going to hire him, even if he was going to be a bit high.
HVAC unit