I somehow ended up being an HVAC technician

Back when I was in high school, I honestly thought I was going to end up playing professional basketball one day. I was a small town basketball star, and I really had big dreams as far as getting out of that town and playing in the pros. But then I realized that I really wasn’t as great as I originally thought that I was! I didn’t really want to put in all of the work that was necessary for becoming a professional player. I decided once I graduated that I wanted to go to a local trade school. I registered for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning class. Once I started the class, I became really interested in the HVAC business. I really learned a lot from the HVAC technicians and professionals who were teaching the course. I decided once that basic instruction course was over, I would take the advanced heating and cooling course too. Then when I finished the advanced HVAC course, I applied to do an internship at one of our local HVAC companies. I took to fixing furnaces and air conditioners like a dog to a bone! I realized that I probably liked heating and cooling even more than I liked playing basketball. And that’s not something that I ever thought would happen! Of course, I don’t get paid as much as I would if I were a basketball star, but as an HVAC technician, I do get to set my own hours for the most part. And I really enjoy my job, so that’s definitely a plus.

HVAC repairman