We are tasting the food and loving it!

My sibling Julie never ceases to amaze me with her taste in women.

She has dated a lot of creeps in her life, and she seems to attract weirdos most of the time, however i suppose it’s funny how she will never date someone with a undoubtedly white collar task, though. She tends to stay away from guys who are doctors or lawyers or professions like that… Nope, Julie loves difficult laboring guys with calluses on their hands. She constantly dates mechanics, plumbers, farmers, and Heating and Air Conditioning specialists. I make fun of her because I constantly say if she has an appointment at her apartment for some type of maintenance or maintenance, she’s really looking for a date, however this all came to a climax last year when her air conditioner plan tore up and she called her local Heating and Air Conditioning company to schedule a maintenance appointment. I joked that her knight in shining armor was going to be showing up in an Heating and Air Conditioning truck… But little did I guess how close to the truth that was! After the girl fixed her air conditioner unit, she asked her out to supper. She really ended up dating him for more than five weeks and then she asked her to marry him! She laughs about it now, but I constantly tell him that she only keeps him around to fix her heating and cooling systems in her house, and she likes to say that she likes to cool her off and then heat her up again. I suppose that’s TMI, but she thinks he’s really funny. I suppose if she had to marry a single of them, the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist ended up being the best choice for her.


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