Don’t enjoy the winter heating

I hate winter. I was raised in the south and don’t mind heat and humidity, but visiting friends and in laws in the northern states is the worst. Once you get cold, you’re just cold. It gets into your bones. It makes your muscles tight. It numbs your fingers, your toes, your nose. You have to order two soups at restaurants, one to eat and one to soak your numb feet in. Being cold is the worst. At least when I’m hot I can have an ice cold glass of sweet tea. I can sit in a pool or go to the beach. Or I can sit in a nice air conditioned building. Sit right under an air return and cool off in no time. If I’m cold? How do you get warm? You can go sit in a warm room, turn the heater or radiator up all the way, get under a blanket and then sit right on top of the vents. After a while, cuddling up next to a radiator, you’ll feel fine. When it gets cold outside, I turn the heat in my house all the way up and don’t go outside. The HVAC gets cooking and pumps hot air into every room in the house. If the heater breaks, I have a service technician on speed dial. If the house has a radiator, it’s all the way open. The only good thing about being cold, actually, is walking into a room where the heater has already made everything warm. A room with a properly working radiator or HVAC in the winter is like walking into a warm blanket, which is the only way to get through winter. Wrapped in a warm blanket, like a walking burrito.

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