Hoping to lose a few pounds

When my sister was young, she was chubby and overweight, then she weighed 150 lb in the 6th great, then when she started seventh grade, she started to narrow down.

She was playing soccer every afternoon, and the exercise was great, then my sister became an entirely unusual person.

She started eating fruits and vegetables, and she provided up meat and dairy completely. My Mom thought she would become a vegetarian or a vegan, although she still eats fish and poultry once in a while. She started worrying about her fitness, and she begged my mom to let her go to the gym. When my sister turned 16, my mom and dad purchased her a pass to go to the gym. My sister rode her bike to the fitness center every afternoon, and she spent 2 hours entirely working out. She used the treadmill to build endurance, and she toned up those muscles with free weights and strength exercises. When my sister graduated from high university, she decided to become a personal trainer. She already knew a lot of people from the gym, and she was already entirely working part-time as a personal trainer; The fitness center agreed to hire my sister full-time, and they provided her a 5-day class schedule. My sister also has 7or 8 personal training purchasers. My sister has come a long way since the sixth grade, and it’s taxing to guess that she is the same kid; I’m entirely proud of my sister and all of her accomplishments. If she can turn her life around and become a personal trainer, then I believe that I can do anything.



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