My neighbor has a geothermal heat pump

My neighbor is this old holdover from the hippie days.

He wears robes all the time, doesn’t even own a pair of shoes, and owns about six acres on the top of the hill.

I’m his closest neighbor, and am still a good half mile away from his place. I don’t know what he does for money, I guess he must have accumulated wealth over the years or inherited money because he doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell. He’s a really nice guy, in his own way, he’s just pretty weird and I’m not comfortable around him. He owns a geothermal heat pump, which he uses for all the power to his land. At first I thought it sounded like one of those hippie things, but it turns out a geothermal heating power unit is cutting edge tech and incredibly smart. The initial costs for getting the geothermal heat pump equipment installed is considerable, but once you have it, you are set. The last time there was a major power outage, and the whole neighborhood was dark, his house was lit up bright as day, and we could even hear his air conditioner blasting away. With his geothermal heat pump, he could stay at full power for several days worth of total blackout, which made me realize this goofy hippie was actually a smart dude. Even though I know I can’t afford one anytime soon, I still went over and asked him to show me how the geothermal heat pump worked, just for my own future reference.



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