I Plan On Buying A Space Heater For The Bathroom:

I like to take my shower in the morning, and I’ve always done this. Thankfully, I married someone who enjoys taking their showers at night, so we never have to compete for time in the bathroom. The only issue I’ve found with showering in the morning, is that the rest of our house is chilly cold. We both have to run to the bathroom when we’re ready to shower and try to turn the sizzling water on before freezing to death. After the water is heated up, we start to feel relief. However, I started wondering if there was a better way to shower in the morning when it’s cold. I did some online research, and can’t believe I didn’t hear of this before! I’m going to buy a space furnace to put in the bathroom, so that we can stay sizzling warm when we get out of the sizzling shower. I truly believe that the space furnace will make my morning shower routine even better now. I don’t like having to keep the heating plan turned up high, because this drives up our electric bill every month. However, I really think that the space furnace will help keep our bathroom warm. I’m looking forward to not running to the control component in the morning to turn the temperature back up. I’m hoping that this new heating plan helps my wife and I save currency as well. I’m happy to see what the next electric bill will be after making this change!


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