I’m Getting a Space Heater For My Showers:

My mom likes to shower in the afternoon.

I’ve always appreciated this, because I like to take my showers at night right before bed.

My mom and I never have to compete for the washroom during the daytime. The only issue I have with showering in the evening, is that the rest of our home is frigid cold. I have to run to the washroom in when I’m ready to shower, plus wait for the water to heat up before I freeze to death! After the water finally heats up, I begin to feel much better! However, I wanted to change this and find a better way to shower in the evenings. I did a little research plus stumbled upon a great suggestion! I’m going to find a space heater to put in the washroom so that I’ll remain warm before and after my hot shower. I honestly think that the space heater will make my evening routine so much better now. My mom doesn’t like it when I alter the heating program for my showers, because our electric bills increase. However, I honestly believe that the space heater will help keep me warm in the washroom. I won’t need to run to the control unit afterwards and turn the heat temperature up. I honestly hope that this new heating idea helps my mom and I save currency as well. I’m excited to see what our next electric bill looks like after making this heat change!

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