Having a second heater as backup and forgot

My wife and I recently bought a new camper.

We like to go on trips together so we can get away from the city we live in and just relax together.

We had a camper before we purchased this new one, but our old one had definitely seen better days. It was really time for an upgrade so we were both excited to start looking. We eventually found a camper that we both liked and we were excited to start traveling in it. The previous owner even gave us a second heater for the camper that he just had laying around. At first we didn’t want to take the second heater from him, but after thinking about the cost of the heater we decided to take it. Thankfully, we did because we ran into some heating issues during our travels that winter. I kept the heater in the storage bin under the camper and completely forgot about it. While we were traveling one day and the heater stopped working all together. At first I started to panic, but then I remembered that I had the backup heater stored underneath the camper. I am so happy that I remember the heater because we really didn’t know what we were going to do there for a minute. The heater was pretty easy to install so I was able to do it myself without having to call a local HVAC company to have them install it. I am so happy that it ended up working out this way!

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