We Bought a Heating System for Our Camper:

My wife plus I recently purchased an up-to-date camper.

  • We adore going on trips together and getting away from the town.

We like relaxing together in our camper. We had an older camper before the up-to-date one we just purchased. However our older one had seen better days, plus it was absolutely time for an update. My wife and I were both happy to start looking. Eventually, we found a camper that we both agreed on plus we’re happy to start traveling in it! The previous owner also gave us a fantastic heating system for the camper that she used too. The first time my wife and I went camping, we didn’t want to take the new heating system with us, but after thinking about how cold it gets in a camper sometimes, we decided to bring the heating system with us. Thankfully, we did this because we experienced some heating issues during our travels. We kept the heating system in the storage tote under our camper plus completely forgot about it. When we were traveling one day, our heating system stopped working abruptly. At first we began to panic, but once we remembered that we had the backup heating system stored underneath the camper, we were cheerful! I’m so glad we brought the heating system, because my wife and I would’ve froze in the middle of the night. The heating system was pretty straight-forward to set up, so we were able to do it without contacting a local Heating and Air Conditioning company for help. I’m so cheerful that it ended up working out this way!


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