My Parents Got A Camper and The Heat Stopped Working:

My parents just recently bought a modern camper, because they really love going on trips together and escaping the city.

They had a smaller camper before, but it was outdated and actually seen better mornings.

It was genuinely time for them to find another one, and they were both happy to start looking. My parents eventually found a camper that was perfect for the both of them, and they were happy to start traveling in it together. The previous owner even provided them with a second furnace for the camper that he liked to use while camping. At first, they didn’t want to take that second furnace from him. However, after considering the cost of a new furnace, they decided to take it. Thankfully my parents made this decision, because they ran into some heating complications during their first camping trip in the winter. My dad kept the furnace in a storage container under their camper plus completely forgot about it! While they were traveling one weekend plus the furnace stopped working, they began to panic. However, then they remembered that he’d put the backup furnace underneath their camper. Thankfully, they remembered the furnace because my parents didn’t feel like calling a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier to come out and fix their camper that day. As their daughter, I’m so ecstatic that it ended up genuinely working out for them!


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