We Used a Space Heater When Our Furnace Went Out:

My husband and I purchased a new camper recently.

The two of us like to take small trips together and get out of town to relax together.

We had a different camper before we purchased this new one, but the old one had a lot of wear and tear. It was really time for us to find something newer, and we were happy to do it. Eventually, we found a camper that was great for our needs, and we began traveling in it. The previous owner offered us a small portable space heater for the camper that he liked to use incase of emergencies. At first, we didn’t want to take the portable space heater from him. After thinking about the cost of a space heater though, we decided to take it. I’m glad we did this, because we ran into a heating problem during a camping trip that winter. I kept the portable space heater in the storage unit under the camper and almost forgot about it! While we were on a camping trip one day, the furnace stopped working and we began to panic. However, it didn’t take long for me to remember that I had our space heater stored underneath the camper. I am lucky that I remembered the space heater because we really didn’t know what to do there for a minute. The furnace was rather easy to get running, so my husband was able to do it himself without having to call a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. I’m super thrilled that it ended up finally working out this way!

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