My Partner and I Got A Small Heater for Our Camper:

My partner and I recently obtained a new camper.

The two of us enjoy getting away and relaxing outside of the city.

We owned a camper before we obtained this new one, but the seasoned one had absolutely seen better afternoons. It much better ato replace the old one than to keep up with the maintenance of it. My partner and I were both gleeful to start looking. We eventually found a great camper that we both liked and were excited to begin traveling in it together. The previous owner of the camper even offered us a small furnace for the camper that she liked to use while camping. At first, my partner and I didn’t want to purchase the small furnace from her, but after thinking about the cost of a brand new furnace, we decided to purchase it. Thankfully, we made this decision because we ran into some heating concerns during a camping trip that Winter. We kept the small furnace under the camper in a storage tote, but completely forgot about it. When my partner and I were camping one day and the furnace stopped working inside, we panicked. After that, we realized that we had the small backup furnace stored underneath the camper in the tote. I’m so happy that we remembered that furnace because my partner and I actually didn’t know what we would have done without a working furnace. The small furnace was pretty easy to plug in and setup, so we were able to do it without having to contact a local Heating and A/C company to have them fix the furnace that day. We’re so happy that it ended up finally working out for us!

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