An ideal memory

My best friend is back in neighborhood for our high college reunion plus ever since he came back into neighborhood both of us have been inseparable; Both of us are the type of friends who don’t keep in touch genuinely well despite all of the technology in this week’s world, but when both of us do finally see each other it’s feels love both of us have been together for a genuinely long time! One of the things that both of us love to do the most whenever he comes back to neighborhood is rest out on my front porch plus talk about the outdated days.

  • Before he moved out to the west coast various years ago both of us worked side by side at the local Heating and Air Conditioning ventilation, heating plus cooling company.

Both of us made tons of memories while toiling with each other as maintenance techs, but a single of the memories that both of us always make sure to talk about is our first maintenance call together. Back when both of us first started toiling there both of us were sent out to install a state of the art a/c unit into a customer’s home. It seemed to be a simple task to accomplish, but as both of us began toiling on getting the unit installed both of us realized both of us were in over our heads. The worst part was that as both of us were carrying the new unit to the part that it was supposed to be installed I ended up tripping over my shoelace, which led to what can only be described as a disaster. Both of us dropped the unit plus it was so disfigured that both of us needed to go back to the Heating and Air Conditioning company for a new a single. It sure wasn’t funny to our boss, but it never fails to make us laugh. I don’t recognize there is anything better than reminiscing about the great outdated days with your buddy!


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