However far you roam, you'll eventually think of home

My job has taken me to some very interesting places around the country and sometimes even around the world.

These experiences have opened my eyes to the way people live in other countries and even in other regions of our country.

There’s almost always something I can appreciate about their culture or their way of life. It gives me fresh new ideas and helps me to take a different perspective on things that I thought I knew well. However, as adventurous a spirit as I have, I almost always eventually longed for the comfort of home. I emphasize the word comfort here. Some of the places that I visited throughout the world don’t have the best climate control or don’t have any form of climate. This is the case even in some of the places where it is needed the most. I’ve been to hot and steamy tropical rainforest climates where you are lucky if you can find a hotel or any living arrangements with ceiling fans, much less central air conditioning. People look at you funny when you ask for a place with air conditioning; some of them don’t even know what it is! Less often, I visited colder regions that didn’t have adequate heating. I remember one hotel that I stayed in they gave me this old, dusty portable heating furnace that I was convinced was a serious fire hazard! They acted like they were doing me a big favor pulling this thing out, but I felt like the the whole building was going to burn down!


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