Dad Losing it Over HVAC Refrigerant Ban

There are those in this world who look for just the most inane situation to get them down.

It’s as though the turmoil is the point of any scenario.

I guess there are people who simply thrive on being angry and upset. It gives them a chance to blame somebody else for the way their life is going. It’s always the bogeyman’s fault. Take our changing global environment for example. While science is certainly not correct about everything, the data generated over the last 50 years seems to indicate a shift in weather. This is logic and substance drawing some rather straight forward cause and effect conclusions. There really isn’t a ton of room to dispute what is going on with our climate. However, there are folks like my dad that says it’s just all made up. The government, in this case, is the HVAC bogeyman. My father is convinced that the global warming trend is simply another liberal attempt to give him a hard time. The coming ban on R-22 refrigerant is his go to proof. R-22 HVAC refrigerant or Freon is about to be banned from being produced in this country. This type of refrigerant has been proven to harm our ozone layer. So, the federal government began phasing it out nearly a decade ago. Of course, my dad has an old HVAC system that still uses R 22. This man is simply convinced this is just another way to squeeze a dollar out of him. The lefties just want his money and global warming is a hoax. Well, he better face facts because his HVAC tune ups are going to be outrageously expensive as the volume of R 22 falls. I wish he’d just realize his HVAC is junk and he needs a new one.

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