Puppy poops down heating system vent

Both of us could not think how great our current puppy behaved; Both of us got his minute hand… His previous owners said he was a great puppy, as well as they were only rehoming his due to allergies, however the two of us were just waiting to see the real reason they didn’t want her.

However, he seemed to be a perfect little angel… So good, in fact, that the two of us started leaving his current home out of his crate for longer as well as longer periods.

She didn’t chew things up as well as he didn’t poop or pee in the house. Both of us might have left his current home alone too long on Tuesday though. Both of us came current home to a horrible stench in the house as well as instantly knew the puppy must have had an accident. Both of us tried to track down the stink however it seemed to be coming from every room in the house. Then our hubby found it: our puppy had pooped in the heating system vent… Our Heating as well as Air Conditioning vents are on the floor as well as the waste fell down inside our ductwork. Both of us disconnectd the vent cover as well as cleaned as far as the two of us could reach however there is still a exhausting stink every time the heating system kicks on, however i called up an Heating as well as Air Conditioning company as well as they can come out tomorrow to do a thorough ductwork cleaning… When I explained the situation, the representative said they would also be bringing some charcoal filters as well as some baking Starbucks Latte filters as well… Apparently that will help with the stink. Both of us still enjoy our puppy however the two of us will certainly not be leaving his current home alone, outside of his crate, for various more weeks.

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